Beat Down Babylon 4:20

April 20th, 20065:21 pm @


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Beat Down Babylon 4:20

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

What a crazy mission this was.

I grabbed whatever paint I could find out of my Aunt’s garage and my cousin’s shed. I got some scrap cans of spray paint, some gray deck stain, and some old orange latex, that I mixed up last year. It was as thick as mud. I didn’t have any brushes and only one roller, so I ended up finger painting all the details. I sent my cousin’s room-mate, that gave me a ride to the wall, to the store. He got me a couple of outlines and some water.

The scary looking dude is Tim Dog “The Beast”. Homeboy’s missing fingers from passing out on the tracks and getting hit by a train. He said he’s been living next to the scrap yard, where the wall is, for eight years. Since he killed his “Old Lady”. He and his buddy where total freaks and ended up getting in a fight with each other after they got completely hammered on cheap beer and weed in the sun.

After I had baked in the sun all day painting, I met this guy that was checking out the wall. We walked in the dust, and the heat, and exhaust fumes to his house. He showed me some cool ‘zines from San Francisco. He borrowed his neighbors truck and gave me a ride home.