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Curriculum Vitae

contact: MR.THOR@ThunderCircus.com

Selected Exhibitions:

– 2009

Spectrum Studios
Installation, Open Studio
Spectrum Studios, Staunton, Virginia
Built indoor/outdoor shanty town from scavenged materials.

ESP Show
Group Show
Rumble Arts Center, Chicago
Annual Eastern Sentral and Pacific Show.
info: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2009/09/mos-esp/

Unusual Suspects
Group Show
2612 Space, Chicago
info: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2009/07/unusual-suspects/

Street Unity
Benefit Auction, Group Show, Chicago
Art Show and Benefit for the Families of Fausto Manzera, Andrew Cazares and Kool Kep.
info: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2009/04/street-unity/

Group Show, Chicago
info: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2009/02/resession/
photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2009/04/resession-closing-party/

Martha Cooper’s 25th Anniversary Edition of Subway Art Book Signing
Installation, Chicago
Created a large sculptural city scape installation in a with a number of volunteer helpers.
info: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2009/04/martha-cooper/
photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2009/05/martha-cooper-follow-up/

The Sharpie Show
Group Show
Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles
info: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2009/02/sharpie-show/
photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2009/02/sharpie-show-recap/

– 2008

CPS – window
Installation, Solo Show
Co-Prosperity Sphere, Bridgeport, Chicago
Large window Installation
info/photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2008/06/cps-window/

Switchboard Studios
Installation, Open Studio, Solo Show
Switchboard Studios – Chicago
info/photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2008/06/switchboard-art-show/

The Upset – Art Show
Installation, Group Show
Co-Prosperity Sphere, Bridgeport, Chicago
info/photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2008/05/the-upset-show/

MR. THOR vs. The Tomorrow People – Part 1
Installation, Solo Show
32nd & Urban Gallery, Chicago
info/photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2008/05/the-tomorrow-people-part-1/

– 2007

ESP Show
Installation, Group Show
Annual Eastern Sentral and Pacific Show.
info/photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2007/07/esp-show/

– 2006

Boom Box – collective
Installation, Group Show
Group show curated by The Boom Box art collective
info/photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2006/09/boom-box/

Lumpenthology – Adventure City
Collaborative installation, Group Show
piece as part of the Lumpen Magazine 15 year anniversary show.
info/photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2006/08/adventure-city/

Nine Lives
Group Show
Parts Unknown Gallery, Chicago
info/photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2006/07/9-lives/

Nova: Art Fair – Fashion Train
Collaborative installation
A two-car CTA ‘El’ train was transformed into a traveling runway show, featuring local boutiques and emerging designers. The train departed from the Belmont Red/Brown Line Station and made three one-hour tours around Chicago’s Downtown Loop.
info/photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2006/04/fashion-train/

Version Fest 6
Installation, Group Show
Urban Gardening and Exterior Decorating Show. @ Version Fest 6
info/photos: http://www.thundercircus.com/base/2006/04/version-fest/

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